Creekside Girl Scouts

3763 Troop Meetings Calendar



Troop 3763 will have meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of every month during the school year. On the first Tuesday of each month the whole troop will meet at CREEKSIDE AMENITY CENTER for a Troop meeting with a Girl Scout or seasonal theme. On the third Tuesday of each month the Daisies will meet at Monette’s house and the Brownies will meet simultaneously but separately at Jean’s house. The Juniors will meet again at the Creekside Amenity Center. At these meetings the Daisies will experience the Daisy Journey and earn their petals, while the Brownies will earn Try-its or learn by doing other Girl Scout activities. The Juniors will go on their own Journey with side steps to earn badges. So here’s the calendar for the 2010-2011 school year meetings:

Tuesday, September 7th @Jean’s ~ Welcome to Back to Girl Scouts
& Prep for Camping

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, September 21st @Monette’s ~ Introduction to Daisy Journey

Tuesday, September 21st @Jean’s ~ Pick 5 Brownie Try-its
& Girl Scout Ways Try-It 

Tuesday, September 21st @Creekside ~ Introduction to Junior Journey 

Tuesday, October 5th @Creekside ~ Juliet-Low’s Birthday

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, October 19th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #1  

Tuesday, October 19th @Jean’s ~ Stitch It Together Try-It by Sarah and Jean

Tuesday, October 19th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #1

Tuesday, November 2nd @Creekside ~ Let’s Learn about Brazil
& Prep for International Day by Jenna & Monette

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, November 16th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #2 

Tuesday, November 16th @Jean’s ~ People Around the World Try-It  by Ali and Jenna 

Tuesday, November 16th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #2 

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, November 30th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #3 

Tuesday, November 30th @Jean’s ~ Healthy Habits Try-It by Lily & Rebecca

Tuesday, November 30th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #3 

Tuesday, December 7th @Creekside ~ Investiture and Rededication

Tuesday, January 4th @Creekside ~ Cookie Goals & Parent Cookie Meeting; Prep for Cookie Delivery and Cookie Booths;

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, January 18th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #4 

Tuesday, January 18th @Jean’s ~ Smart Cookie Try-It and/or Cookie Activity Pin by Jean and last year’s EXPERT Cookie Sellers: Lily, Jessica, Sarah, and Jessie

Tuesday, January 18th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #4 

Tuesday, February 1st @Creekside ~ Earn Personal Power Patch; Guest Speaker Corporal Garrison Aubrey Police Department!! SNOWED OUT 

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, February 15th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #5 

Tuesday, February 15th @Jean’s ~ Let’s Pretend Princess Try-It  by Jessica, Zoie, and Anne

Tuesday, February 15th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #5 

Tuesday, March 1st @Creekside ~ International Day Activities
& Introduce Girl Scout Birthday Week

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, March 22nd @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #6 

Tuesday, March 22nd @Jean’s ~ Movers Try-It by Jessie and Caitlyn

Tuesday, March 22nd @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #6 

Tuesday, April 5th @Creekside ~ Earn Personal Power Patch; Guest Speaker Corporal Garrison Aubrey Police Department!!

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, April 19th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #7 

Tuesday, April 19th @Jean’s  ~   Prepare for Bridging 

Tuesday, April 19th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #7 & Prepare for Bridging 

Tuesday, May 3rd @Creekside Daisy’s Take Action Project

sms_daisybullet Tuesday, May 17th @Monette’s ~ Daisy Journey Meeting #8 

Tuesday, May 17th @Jean’s ~ Numbers and Shapes Try-It by Trinity and Kaighlee 

Tuesday, May 17th @Creekside ~ Junior Journey Meeting #8
& Prepare for Bridging 

Tuesday, May 31st @Creekside ~ End of Year Party

Some image credit given to Scout Mom’s Scribbles



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