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Cadette Journey

Posted on: October 19, 2009

We are going to start the Cadette Journey on the second Wednesday of each month beginning on November 11 from 6:15PM to 7:45PM. I’m inviting the Cadettes to hang in my living room as they take their own Journey through the book AMAZE! The twists and turns of getting along. This will be a safe, alone meeting time for the cadettes. I’ll be here to guide them but this is their “Journey.”

This book is a prerequisite to the Silver Award, the highest award for Cadettes. And I hope the girls can discover new ways to cope with difficult people in their life, connect with friends in new ways, and take action on something they find meaningful to benefit others while developing leadership along the way. Below is the book review from Girl Scouts USA.


aMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along
Life is a maze of relationships and this journey has Girl Scout Cadettes maneuvering through all its twists and turns to find true friendships, plenty of confidence, and maybe even peace. The adult guide offers tips for talking about relationship issues with girls, and pointers for understanding Cadettes’ development and creating a safe, welcoming space.

Sister to Sister:
The Darker Side of Friendship


Page 62 of the aMAZE adult journey book cites this GSUSA documentary program that elicits discussion about issues like bullying, relational aggression, cyber bullying and romantic relationships.



Journey Awards
On this amazing maze of a journey, each passageway presents opportunities for Cadettes to navigate personal relationships in the best and most productive ways. As girls twist and turn through aMAZE, they gain tips and strategies for creating healthy relationships for themselves and those around them and begin to build more positive and peaceful relationships in the world around them. Girls have the option of earning one, two or three Girl Scout awards, and they can work toward them as one big team, as mini teams or individually.

  • The Interact Award signifies that girls can advance peace in the world around them—one interaction at a time. To earn it, girls must complete three of the nine Interact Challenges—though they can do as many challenges as they like! These challenges invite the Cadettes to try small—and positive—new ways of interacting in their daily lives.
  • The Diplomat Award focuses on how a diplomat ”possesses skill or tact in dealing with others.” To earn the award, Cadettes demonstrate that they can use something they have learned about relationships to design and implement a project that benefits others.
  • The Peacemaker Award invites girls to collect relationship ”tools” they can use and pass on to others along the journey. The girls earn the Peacemaker Award at the end of the journey by reviewing all the tools they’ve collected and making a commitment about how they will continue using them throughout their lives.

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